Pub Classics &

Pups Menu…..

Please note that all menus online are sample menus only. We pride our selves on using extremely fresh, seasonal produce due to this menus

do change slightly daily. Should you have any dietary requirements or requests please do not hesitate to contact us.



 Upgrade skinny fries to TCC £1

West country Sirloin steak £26

w onion rings & tcc 

Springer sausages & mash £12

w garden greens 

Springer lamb kofta burger £14

w relish & tzatziki 

Steak & blue cheese sarnie £14

w skinny fries 

Tomato ragout £13(v)

w parmesan & tagliatelle 

Beer battered fish & chips £14

w chip shop treats 

Springer Ham hock £14

w pineapple, egg & tcc

Super food salad £12(v)

w feta, mixed seeds 



 £5.50 each 


 Kids tomato Pasta

 Breaded fish goujons & fries

 Kids lamb burger w fries

 Kids sausage & mash

 Kids ham hock & fries


 We also offer kids roasts on Sunday &

 Our Cornish Tapas is a

 great way of creating your own meal! 

 Pups menus are recommended for

  ages 8 and under.