“proper food, cooked proper”

3 plates for £12  or  4 plates for £15

one from each section

The Springer Cornish Tapas Menu consists of a selection of tasty small plates which enables you to select your favourite dishes to make the perfect meal! Due to seasons items on this menu do change occasionally so please bare in mind that this menu is a sample menu.


Jalapeno & nacho cheese poppers

Skinny fries

Onion Rings

Olive selection

BRAS £4 

Mozzarella sticks

Battered anchovies

Chicken goujons

Breaded brie bites


Dirty TCC (w cheese, bacon & gravy)

Blue cheese toasty

Lamb croquettes

Fish goujons


Southern fried chicken wings

Hamhock scotch egg

Tomato & feta salad

Fish cakes


Sharing plates are set boards designed to feed 2

DIP IT! ~ Baked camembert w focaccia toast, homemade

HALF A PIG! ~ Bbq glazed pork ribs w bacon & fries

ANTI PASTO! ~ A selection of cured meats w olives & bread

FISHERMAN’S PLATE! ~ Breaded white bait w anchovies, pickled cockles, TCC & treats

Please note that our Cornish tapas menu is to only be eaten in our bar or garden area only.

The Springer Cornish Tapas Menu is perfect for all occasions weather it be a light snack to accompany a pint, A garden lunch in the sun and particularly perfect for sharing with friends otherwise you can choose from our set sharing plates.

We serve all small plates with a range of homemade condiments and gels that being said we also recommend that you please speak with a member of staff if you have any dietary requirements and as we stated before if there is something particular on this menu that you are excited about please be sure to check out any of our social media for more recent versions of our menus as we do change our menus daily due to seasons and the best available produce.

Thank you, Team Springer.